You’re busy.

Small business means big time commitment. We’ve been there.

Social is an extension of your sales team. Likes, hearts, retweets, and shares all need to be earned, just like your customers. So if logging into multiple platforms, feeding the demand for new content, and keeping your pulse on the competition’s Yelp reviews are distracting you from what you do best—being the growth engine of your business—it might be time to delegate.

Whatever you’re selling—real estate, home services, tacos—competition is everywhere. The good news is you already know what makes yours special. Now you need a way to tell everyone else. In a way that’s scalable. And fun. That’s built from the ground up with a data-centric strategy combining the right blend of organic, paid, and earned media with effective audience targeting and delivery. (That last part is the trick.)

We’re a team of marketers, but we’re also consumers that pay attention to the brands we buy from.